Remembering and Celebrating Jeremy

November 7th will be the anniversary of the best day of George and my lives.  Twenty three years ago, November 7th, God, his heavenly and earth angels blessed George and I with a beautiful wonderful baby boy who grew to be a wonderful young man.  His name is Jeremy LaJeunesse. 

Thursday, November 7th  is Jeremy’s Birthday,  a day to celebrate Jeremy’s life and love of life, the memories with his friends and family. We ask all who knew Jeremy, please take a few minutes and remember his light, his spirit that we all were blessed to know and love.  We thank God for blessing us all by allowing Jeremy to be in our lives and making such a huge impact on so many people  in this world.

 George and I pray that God is using Jeremy’s good nature and loving wisdom and caring soul to help others wherever he is today.  We pray to God to bless Jeremy’s Friends with all the love and happiness that God plans for all of us to experience.

We miss you and love you Son, thank you for a life time of wonderful and happy memories.
Happy Birthday Jeremy,
Love Mom and Dad

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Jeremy's Mom
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