Jeremy’s smile and good nature will live on to continue to touch others.

Jeremy LaJeunesse November 1990 - July 2011

Jeremy G. LaJeunesse

Welcome to “Through Jeremy’s Eyes” website. Throughout this site you will learn about an amazing person, who helped those he could, befriended everyone he met, and testimonials from friends and family that will show how this world shaped Jeremy into a beautiful, intelligent and caring human being and young adult. Also, you will read how Jeremy gave back as a skilled communicator and organizer, to make the world a better place by helping one person at a time in some small way. You will what took Jeremy from us at such and unexpected and young time in his life.

If you knew Jeremy and would like to share a memory please feel free to share by adding your story in one of the comment boxes at the bottom of the page or post to his face book page.

Jeremy G. LaJeunesse, lived a short but impressive 20 years and 8 months, resided in Esperance, N.Y. in Schoharie County. Jeremy was a kind, compassionate soul, who could see an artistic purpose in most everything he observed.

This is a poem, not sure if Jeremy ever heard or read this, yet he seemed to have lived it.

” Put a smile on your face every morning. Have some love in your heart at all times. And if you seem to be in a valley, Then praise the Lord and start to climb. For a flower never grows on a mountain. It withers with the cold and it dies. But a flower forever grows in the valley. And it always leaves some seeds behind.” ~~~Author/source unknown~~~

Jeremy was a magnet, he knew how to attract people from the time he was an infant right up to his last day here with us. He always had a smile on his face and in his eyes. He knew how to listen and  converse with people of all ages. He would converse, listen and absorb the wisdom of people 30-60 years his senior.He than shared his wisdom with others.

Throughout Jeremy’s short life he just could not understand why people could not get along, why people needed to pick and bully others. “If only they could talk to each other and understand each other the world would be a better place.” Jeremy experienced bulling, being called names or hit by other kids or singled out in a less than positive way by adults. Once Jermy learned that the issues the bullies had were not with him but themselves, Jeremy, felt less like a victim. He soon took up the task of assisting those being bullied. Jeremy learned at a early age to overcome these experiences, and with his elequate communication skills, (the gift to talk and negoiate) he learned to advocate and help others to overcome and remove themselves from being bullied.

Below is just a short biography on Jeremy’s life.

The testimonials submitted about Jeremy tells the story of Jeremy through the eyes of friends.

Jeremy had the opportunity to travel across the United States with his parents. He had the chance to meet many interesting people and see many wonderful places. One of Jeremy’s favorite stops was in South Dakota, where he participated in a Mammoth archeology dig. He also visited Yellowstone and Glacier National parks where he learned about the wildlife and about the western Native American culture. He also discovered his passions of exploring and looking for unique rocks (this was something he hung on to until his death).

Jeremy learned to played golf with his Grandfather and many of his grandfather’s friends, at a very young age, can carried the golf passion starting in middle school through to his senior year in high school on playing 5 years on the varsity team. Most adults who met Jeremy were impressed with him as a person as well as with his golf abilities. Many of the adults he played golf with were impressed with Jeremy’s driving ability, many semi pros would comment on the talent he had for his distance and accuracy.

As most young boys, Jeremy loved playing baseball, from T-ball to a junior in high school. More than playing the actual game, he was more concerned with the players on the team, how they acted as a team and if they could get to practice, example of this was in high school he helped team members get to practice when they needed a ride (testimonial).

Another skill or passion he had was skateboarding. He was really good at the jumps and tricks. Jeremy was very persistant with new jumps or moves and just did not give up until he got it right. The passion of riding his board stayed with him to the end.

Soon work became his passion. When Jeremy he turned 16 he go a part time job working in a local restaurant, called Jonathans, in Duanesburg, NY.  He worked so he could get his drivers license and have a car to drive to school and to have a cell phone. Jeremy bused tables and eventually worked his way into the kitchen making pizza and taking care of the walk in customers. He quickly became vested in this place and felt like he was part of something. He enjoyed the comradery of the other staff, but he especially enjoyed the customers.

By 18 years of age, he graduated from high school, where he wanted to experience more. He left that restaurant job he had in high school, worked in a cold storage warehouse in Rotterdam, NY and from there a few other eaters. He also attended Hudson Valley Community College. All these experiences he got to experience other aspects of life, and people with even more vast experiences and information from him to learn from. One of the comments his friends and aquaintances tell us even to this day was that Jeremy was a hard worker and had a great work ethic.

Jeremy had a kind, compassionate heart and a honor to help and do what was right. In the end, Jeremy lived life to the fullest and in a very coy manner help friends and strangers alike, as his friends reveled his life through their testimonials.

Jeremy had many skills and talents that, he was just realizing his path in life when he passed from Hypertrophy Cardiomyopathy, it is a progress heart disease. We were told this condition is generally undiagnosed until death. In hind sight, yes, we as his parents, could see the symptoms of the disease that took his life, but not until the last few months. Mom asked Jeremy just a week before he died if every thing was ok, was he feeling ok was he healthy. Jeremy’s response was, “Yes, Mom I am fine. I am OK. I can take care of myself .”

Hypertrophy Cardiomyopathy is the killer of many if the young people on athletic fields. Jeremy’s parents feel there has to be a way to diagnosis this disease in young people before death occurs.

Defibrillators in the schools were the first step to recognizing the issue, but early detection and diagnosis is better yet. By the time Jeremy had the kind of symptoms that needed the defibullator it was to late to save him. Jeremy’s parents hope to actively investigate ways to help prevent or at least postpone other young people’s death (this website is the first step). Mandatory testing in the early teens would be a start as well as, education of heart issues the young people, within the schools would be an excellent start also.

To let the children and young adults know that they are not immune to adult issues like heart defects and disease.

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  1. tina bleau says:

    i remember a lot….the best memory was how no matter what u always lent my son a helping hand u were a true friend and i believe u watch over him every day! the other truly awesome memory was when u would come over and u would include dustin’s younger brother…whether it would be a brief hi or a full conversation…i know how difficult it is as he is non verbal..u accepted everyone and always brought a smile to their face…i went to the accident site the next day and cried as hard as i had when i gave birth to ryan as we didnt think he would make it…i miss u everyday! rip…be easy!

  2. Susan Gathen says:

    I love the story about how he got everyone on Myrtle’s bus to stand up on the way to school because she was so strict. =) I think he was 6 or 7 at the time. (Kathy correct me if I’m wrong!!)

  3. I liked this page, great advice!

    kerry propper

  4. Agnes Steinmiller says:

    What a sweetly sensitive and touching story. It’s no wonder his grandpa was so proud of him and suffered so in his loss.

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