Tribute to Jeremy

Jeremy was an intelligent, gifted communicator with a great sense of humor; he was happy and loved which made him a caring, kind, polite, generous, creative, hardworking, honorable, independent young man, who always wore a smile.

Jeremy was a person who believed in himself, as well he believed in others more, and was willing to help people to see the good and the potential they have.

Jeremy truly took it to heart when people were not kind to each other.  He could not understand why people just could not get along. Throughout Jeremy’s life, he was known to intervene when he witnessed someone being bullied or just needed a helping hand.

In his short 20 years and 8 months of life, Jeremy befriended many people from all walks of life and ages, he genuinely liked most everyone he met. What Jeremy learned from these people, he in turn, shared what he learned. Jeremy mostly tried to teach, both the young and old, to be patient with themselves and others. In his last few years, he was known for saying “Be Easy” (relax or be kind).

We believe that Jeremy did leave his mark in this world by helping others in their journey, helping one person at a time in some small way.

An undiagnosed Cardiomyopathy took Jeremy from us.  Please take time and read to learn more about Jeremy, how his friends and family viewed him, and learn about Children’s Cardiomyopathy.(website a work in progress).

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