Stand up for Someone in Need

Jeremy was a person who believed in himself as well he believed in others more and was willing to help people to see the good person and potential they have. He was a great communicator and a great listener.   Had Jeremy lived he would have done great things.  We believe that Jeremy did leave his mark in this world by helping others in their journey.

He was know to live by the saying, “Be Easy” which meant chill, be cool, step back and take a breath and evaluate how you are reacting. He truly believed that if people would just talk to each other life would be easier.

Jeremy truly took it to heart when people were not kind to him or each other.  When he was young, Jeremy was known to say to his Dad, “bullies really suck”. He felt and saw the pain that bullies brought to people. As a child, right up to his death, Jeremy was known to intervene when he witnessed someone being bullied.

Jeremy did stand up for those being bullied.  Starting in grade school right up to weeks before his death. His last act to help was a friend that was being bulled and stalked by her former boyfriend. Jeremy was due to testify on her behalf but died before he could.

Two years later, this young lady is still having issues with the former boyfriend.

For help keep reading:  A bully is a bully  and  Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

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