Believe in Yourself

Jeremy’s Mom and Dad always taught him that we are responsible for our own destiny. For every action we take, there is a equal or greater reaction. Positive actions lead to positive reactions. Your reputation, your behavior, your actions, your being, is yours to own, you can and will achieve wonderful things if you take charge of your path and take pride in who you are and want to be. Yes, this path to a good life is hard work and it is not just given to you, but it is yours if you want it, but you must work for it and make the most of it. It will be worth it in the end.

Jeremy was a person who believed in himself as well he believed in others more and was willing to help people to see the good person and potential they have.  Had Jeremy lived he would have done great things.  We believe that Jeremy did leave his mark in this world by helping others in their journey.

Jeremy truly took it to heart when people were not kind to him or each other.  When he was young, Jeremy was known to say to his Dad, “bullies really suck”. He felt and saw the pain that bullies brought to people. As a child, right up to his death, Jeremy was known to intervene when he witnessed someone being bullied.

Jeremy would have wanted all his friends to move on and experience life the way God had intended.  Yes Jeremy knew the importance of hard work and he had dreams of a good job, a wife and family.  He knew that he had to have his life straight and in place before God would help him find that path.  Just before he died he was approaching that phase of his live where he was growing up and knew what he wanted in life. He would have wanted this for his friends.

The following was a poem  Jeremy’s Mom gave him around the age of 15. Jeremy was searching for the direction of his future.

Jeremy overlooking the Schoharie Valley. Photo by Jenna Kulikoff

Above all Else Believe In Yourself
by Leslie Neilson

As the dawn of each morning peers into your life, there lies a path to follow. If you listen closely to your soul, you will become aware of your dreams that are yet to unfold. You will discover that there lies within you a voice of confidence and strength that will prompt you to seek a journey and live a dream.

Believe in your heart, for it offers hope. Believe in your mind, for it offers direction. Believe in your soul, for it offers strength.
But above all else… believe in yourself.


This is a poem, not sure if Jeremy ever heard or read this, yet he seemed to have lived it.

Put a smile on your face every morning.
Have some love in your heart at all times.
And if you seem to be in a valley,
Then praise the Lord and start to climb.
For a flower never grows on a mountain.
It withers with the cold and it dies.
But a flower forever grows in the valley.
And it always leaves some seeds behind.
~~~Author/source unknown~~~


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