Dead Car Battery / Hug and Smile

In loving memory of Jeremy LaJeunesse –
hey dude. i was just thinking about that time at illusions about a year ago when my car died and you offered to come outside to help me jump it, even though the bouncers were A holes about it and it was freeeezing out. after you were done i said thank you so much, and in the middle of shivering you looked at me, flashed that big beautiful smile, put your arms out and said “hey, give me a hug.” ill never forget that bright smile, your warm hugs, the truly amazing person you were. no one ever will. in our hearts and minds forever ♥ rest easy.
~~~~~~ Anna Lees posting 11/27/2011

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Jeremy's Mom
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  1. drewniane place zabaw says:

    This is awsome. Thanks for posting!

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