Dealing with Loss or Death

Dealing with lose. What to do when it happens to you?

In less than 2 years of Jeremy’s passing,  friends lost jobs, relationships ended and several of his friends have died from a variety of reasons. They never expected to leave their friends and family so quickly either.  You just never know when it is your time.

Tell your family and friends that you love and care about them. Talk to your family and parents, don’t let your disagreements interfere with turning to your family when you need their help. Talk with your family and friends for help. With death just remember everyone deals with it differently and everyone needs to grieve.

Below are several resources for a variety of losses.


Dealing with change or loss can be very difficult. From the day we are born,
we deal with change. Some change is good and unfortunately some is not so good.
For the most part, change or loss represents lessons of life, lessons to help
guide us through this life. Loss can be felt with something as simple as failing
a test or class in school or failing your driver’s test or losing a job or a
friendship. Most of life’s lessons are events that we can learn from and move

However, if you have experienced lessons of life and are having a difficult
time moving on please seek help. Talk to someone like a friend, family member,
doctor or professional counselor. If you are thinking about suicide please contact
the Suicide helpline: National
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’ If you or someone you
know is in the process of hurting themselves call 911 immediately.

But how do we survive the most difficult loss? Death of a loved one.
The one loss that there is little learning from is death. The loss
of a loved one regardless of the relationship, grandparent, parent, child or
a friend, is a loss that no one wants to deal with. We often we will never recover
from. Dealing with the loss of the person and your relationship with that person
is very individual and no one can tell you how to grief or even how you feel.

Below are some links to help you understand your feelings.

Here are some the pamphlets offered from
that will help you most:

If you are suffering from the loss of a child The Compassionate Friends site
offers links to your immediate feelings, as well as information to a chapter
in your area that you can reach out too. You are not alone but no one truly
understands how you feel. There is no right way or wrong way to grief and there
is not a timetable.

Dealing with the death of a friend:
My Friend Died and I Didn’t Even Get a Chance To Say Goodbye by Madge Alberts

If your grief does have you thinking of joining your child, family member
or friend , please reach out to your doctor go to the nearest hospital or the
Suicide prevention lifeline at National
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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