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  • I used to work with Jer at …. I have Chronic Myofasical Pain Syndrome in my legs and feet. One day after Jer stopped working at …. and was working at his new job, I got a flat. I was leaving work and pulled across into the Stewarts noticed I had a flat. I started working on it and had to squat down and then to one knee and the other. Jer showed up and said “looks like ya got some trouble”. Knowing about my condition, he quickly said “here let me get that”. As I stood up(it took a second or two) I looked at him and he was down there crankin lug nuts off like he did it for a living. Smiling and telling me about his new job. He said he worked a lot but was lovin it. He was a really cool guy, and always had his chin up and a smile to share. ~ John J Marsh

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