High School Friend

Jeremy was one of my favorite people.Before I got my license Jeremy used to drive me around all the time. Most of the time we were heading out to hike or go the movies, but many times he just picked me up to help me out. He came to get me a few times when I missed the bus in the winter, and drove me home when we were leaving a friends house. He never accepted gas money, so I ended up paying him with homemade food most of the time. Once I got my license we didn’t share as many car rides together as we used to. I think we both missed our car rides. We still tried to go drifting together every once in awhile in the winter (which he knew terrified me).

Within the first few months of having my license I got a flat tire. I had no idea what to do, so I called Jeremy. He was there within 10 minutes and had my tire changed in no time. I was so impressed, until he stalled my car twice. We both laughed about my “broken clutch”.

He always could put a smile on my face. He is one of the few people that I felt was truly genuine. We were always looking out for one another. He would always let me know if he thought I was making a bad decision, and I did the same for him. I always felt like he wanted the best for me, and for that I am truly grateful. He gave me one of his hemp necklaces when I was in 10th grade. I ended up keeping it and it every once in awhile he would jokingly guilt me with a comment like “Jeez, I could really use a necklace right now”. Eventually he took one of my rings and ended up accidentally losing it. I considered us even, but he felt really bad. Jeremy always promised to take me to get a replacement ring, and I always promised to return his necklace. Neither of us ever kept our promise, and I’m so sad that we won’t get an opportunity to. I wear his necklace more now than I ever did before. I’ll always miss him.

Julia Patterson

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  1. Sonia S, says:

    I remember jeremy very well. He and I dated back when I was in nineth grade. I remember our phone conversations he used to talk about such interesting things. I had such a fun time with him. Even though we broke up and were just an old high school relationship that only lasted a couple months, he was an important part of my life and i will never forget him. He was such an amazing person always making people laugh and smile. <3

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