Message from Jeremy’s Mom and Dad

Jeremy was, is, so special to us all. We know family and friends will never let him go, he will always be in our hearts and souls forever, he made a positive impact in this life. We need to carry on and be strong and better people because of all he taught us.

Thank you for being our son, Jeremy. God sent you to us, with the help from a very special angel; may you be in God’s hands now again. We love you Jeremy and will continue to love you until the day we join you!

We want Jeremy’s friends and family to know that Jeremy came to our family in a special way. God brought him to us and God called him home, way to early. God gave us a lifetime with Jeremy, in a short 20 years and 8 months. He did a lot of things, with a lot of people, he visited a lot of places, he enjoyed everyone he met. Jeremy had a kind, giving and compassionate heart, and a big friendly smile for them. If someone needed help, Jeremy was there to help.

It does take a community to raise a child, thank you to all the friends and their parents, for watching out for Jeremy and allowing him to experience the larger family atmosphere of having brothers and sisters. Jeremy always felt as if he was missing out with not having any siblings. So he lived vicariously through his friends and their families. Who all did impact Jeremy’s life in such a positive way.

Jeremy’s Mom and Dad want you all to know that spiritually he had a big and compassionate heart; physically he had a undetected defected heart. The pick up truck accident did not take his life, a heart defect did. He was suffering from an arrhythmia and pulmonary edema, caused by thickening of his heart wall, at the time of the accident. A diagnosis in short called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a disease not just for old people but rarely heard of in young people.  Learn more about Cardiomyopathy in  children and young adults…..

We what to tell you this so the thoughts of reckless driving or texting or drinking isn’t what is in your minds as to what caused the accident. Although Jeremy was not perfect, he does not belong to those statistics. Jeremy was not wearing his seatbelt, perhaps if he was wearing his seatbelt, maybe but probably not, he may have survived long enough for the hospital to help him. He had no serious injuries as a result of the accident.

Jeremy wanted to be all grown up and handle everything on his own. Which is every parent’s goal is to have their children grow up to take care of themselves. But saying that, we don’t want our children to feel that they are alone and need to handle life all by themselves. We do want you to know that if Jeremy only communicated more clearly to help us and his doctor to see, that he was not feeling well by being more persistence and more definitive with his symptoms  perhaps he might still be alive.  There is no way to turn the clock back in time. Our heartbreaking regret is we did not pick up and connect the dots of the symptoms that Jeremy did tell us about with this problem and get Jeremy the medical help he needed. With this condition we will never know if early medical intervention would have prolonged his live.

Kids and parents learn to listen and talk to each other again. That communication skill gets rusty as time goes on.

Just an FYI- if you get annoyed with the voicemails and text messages coming from your Mom &/or Dad, they are not trying to be controlling, they just want to make sure you are alive and well. Just text them back and let them know you are OK and when you might see them again.

As sad as it sounds now, Jeremy and I (Mom) had an understanding if we (Mom or Dad) had not heard from him in a day or so, I would send out a pre-made text, it said, “Jeremy are you alive and well?”, He knew if he got that message, we were thinking and worrying about him and we just needed to know that his was OK. He did learn to just send me a quick yes or sometimes a little longer message telling me where he was and what he was up to, or if we were lucky we would get a call back. I recommend setting up something like this for other families; it did help cut down a lot of tension for all of us.

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