came to my rescue again

i love you jer. you were in my dream the other night. came to my rescue again like you did a long time ago. always there for me jer♥ i miss you soo muchh! ~~~~~ Ashley K

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Remembering and Celebrating Jeremy

November 7th will be the anniversary of the best day of George and my lives.  Twenty three years ago, November 7th, God, his heavenly and earth angels blessed George and I with a beautiful wonderful baby boy who grew to be a wonderful young man.  His name is Jeremy LaJeunesse. 

Thursday, November 7th  is Jeremy’s Birthday,  a day to celebrate Jeremy’s life and love of life, the memories with his friends and family. We ask all who knew Jeremy, please take a few minutes and remember his light, his spirit that we all were blessed to know and love.  We thank God for blessing us all by allowing Jeremy to be in our lives and making such a huge impact on so many people  in this world.

 George and I pray that God is using Jeremy’s good nature and loving wisdom and caring soul to help others wherever he is today.  We pray to God to bless Jeremy’s Friends with all the love and happiness that God plans for all of us to experience.

We miss you and love you Son, thank you for a life time of wonderful and happy memories.
Happy Birthday Jeremy,
Love Mom and Dad

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Are you alive and well? Text messages from Mom and Dad

Just an FYI- if you get annoyed with the voicemails and text messages coming from your Mom &/or Dad, they are not trying to be controlling, they just want to make sure you are alive and well. Just text them back and let them know you are OK and when you might see them again.

As sad as it sounds now, Jeremy and I (Mom) had an understanding if we (Mom or Dad) had not heard from him in a day or so, I would send out a pre-made text, it said, “Jeremy are you alive and well?”, He knew if he got that message, we were thinking and worrying about him and we just needed to know that his was OK. He did learn to just send me a quick yes or sometimes a little longer message telling me where he was and what he was up to, or if we were lucky we would get a call back. I recommend setting up something like this for other families; it did help cut down a lot of tension for all of us.

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One small blessing we have to hang on to is….

One small blessing we have to hang on to is that every chance we could we told Jeremy we loved him. Every time Jeremy left the house he said the same to us.

In less than 2 years, several of Jeremy’s friends have passed away from a variety of reasons. They never expected to leave their friends and family so quickly either.

You just never know when it is your time.  Tell your family and friends that you love and care about them.

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Leave footprints in our heart

‎”Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understandings with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints in our heart, and we are never ever the same” ♥
Posted with love from Jenna

Quote from chicken soup for the soul book

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My Angel

A year ago today one of the most amazing people on this earth was taken with no warning or reason. hands down the worst day of my life, he will forever be missed and in my heart♥ if theres anything ive learned about life its that no matter what you should live everyday with the expectation that tomorrow may not come, that you should never go to bed mad at anyone, and if you love somebody you should tell them the very moment you feel it. I will forever be grateful for the memories we shared, for everything we taught each other and for everything we experienced together. I miss you so much and will always love you, Jeremy LaJeunesse ♥ rest in peace my angel.

Jenna Leigh
July 11 2012

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Teaching old dog (Grandpa) new tricks – lesson in patience

Favorite Memory –  Remembered by Grandpa

“Jeremy (about 10 years old) and I (about 73 years old) were playing golf at Schenectady Municiple Golf Course.  We got stuck behind a team of men who were not interested in playing the game , just in talking. I was becoming impatient with the wait of each hole.  Jeremy, on one of the par 3 holes turned to me and said,”Grandpa, relax. This is a par 3 hole, lets just skip the hole. We can get ahead of them and continue playing.” We did just what Jeremy suggested and we had a great rest of the day.  Jeremy taught me to be more patient and look for alternatives. “

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High School Friend

Jeremy was one of my favorite people.Before I got my license Jeremy used to drive me around all the time. Most of the time we were heading out to hike or go the movies, but many times he just picked me up to help me out. He came to get me a few times when I missed the bus in the winter, and drove me home when we were leaving a friends house. He never accepted gas money, so I ended up paying him with homemade food most of the time. Once I got my license we didn’t share as many car rides together as we used to. I think we both missed our car rides. We still tried to go drifting together every once in awhile in the winter (which he knew terrified me).

Within the first few months of having my license I got a flat tire. I had no idea what to do, so I called Jeremy. He was there within 10 minutes and had my tire changed in no time. I was so impressed, until he stalled my car twice. We both laughed about my “broken clutch”.

He always could put a smile on my face. He is one of the few people that I felt was truly genuine. We were always looking out for one another. He would always let me know if he thought I was making a bad decision, and I did the same for him. I always felt like he wanted the best for me, and for that I am truly grateful. He gave me one of his hemp necklaces when I was in 10th grade. I ended up keeping it and it every once in awhile he would jokingly guilt me with a comment like “Jeez, I could really use a necklace right now”. Eventually he took one of my rings and ended up accidentally losing it. I considered us even, but he felt really bad. Jeremy always promised to take me to get a replacement ring, and I always promised to return his necklace. Neither of us ever kept our promise, and I’m so sad that we won’t get an opportunity to. I wear his necklace more now than I ever did before. I’ll always miss him.

Julia Patterson

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made my pizzas just right

Jerm always knew how to make my pizzas just right – with extra bubbles. I remember driving past him to not only get a huge smile, honk and a wave but to also recieve a text message a few minutes later to say hi again. I wish we stopped more often. I miss him so much. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember all of the fun times we had. …. Hillary Hayen

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always there to help

my car wouldn’t start yesterday, i was in desperate need of a gas container and my first instinct was to text jeremy. he was always right there with a helping hand jerm and i’ll never forget him ♥ one love

~~~~~Katie Killinem 1/6/2012

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Born Leader – trying to correct an injustice

I love the story about how he got everyone on Myrtle’s bus to stand up on the way to school because she was so strict. =) I think he was 6 or 7 at the time. (Kathy correct me if I’m wrong!!)  ~~~Susan Gathen January 4, 2012


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Jeremy accepted everyone

i remember a lot….the best memory was how no matter what Jeremy always lent my son a helping hand Jeremy were a true friend and i believe Jeremy watch over him every day!

The other truly awesome memory was when Jeremy would come over and he would include dustin’s younger brother…whether it would be a brief hi or a full conversation…i know how difficult it is as he is non verbal..Jeremy accepted everyone and always brought a smile to their face…i went to the accident site the next day and cried as hard as i had when i gave birth to ryan as we didnt think he would make it…i miss Jeremy everyday! rip…be easy! 

 ~~~~ Tina Bleau    January 4, 2012

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so sweet, so polite, & so much fun

Jeremiahhhhhhhhh! you were always so sweet, so polite, & so much fun. you always seemed to put a smile on everyone’s face. i’m so thankful for all the memories & so thankful you were such an amazing boyfriend to my bestfriend, Jenna Kulikoff.

We all love you! ♥

~~~~~Lauren McGarry July 12 at 2:08pm •

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Good hearted person

This don’t even seem real, man. Its like I’m just waiting to run into you again at the next banger or get a wave from you somewhere. I remember when we worked @ Jonathan’s you helped me a lot, a lot of good times… It hurts to see such a young, good hearted persons life snuffed out so so short. Thanks for giving us as many moments as we got with you. Whether they were big or small ones. See ya on the flipside Jerms.
~~~~~Rusty T. Jones

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Friend and cousin

we all miss you my dude, you were a great friend to all of us and one of the chillest kids i know, im proud to say that you were a member of my family, RIP ~~~Nick Sarchioto~~~

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ALWAYS smiling

Unfortunatly I didn’t get to know you like everyone else. But I remember school, whenever I walked past you, you were ALWAYS smiling. Thank you for being such an amazing friend to my cousin, rest in peace. gone but never forgotten.
~~~~~Cassandra Blyth

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Golf team

Jeremy, u were like an older brother to me while we were team mates on the golf team for school, I’m never forget the memories of those years, damn I can’t believe it ended the way it did. RIP dude, I’ll c ya up there when my times done
~~~Aaron Scofield

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the biggest smile

That smile, I can’t get it outta my head. Everytime I saw you, you had this beaming light radiating from you and…the biggest smile. Always happy and full of life, just looking to spread joy. I’ll miss that smile, that energy. You’ve impacted many people, keep smiling and we’ll all try to do the same remembering you. Lots of love♥
~~~~~ Lindsey Dykeman

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you couldn’t stop smiling

Everytime I saw you, you couldn’t stop smiling. You were always really friendly and an awesome kid. A lot of people down here miss you. Rest in peace Jeremy ~~~ John Michael

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deep deep conversation about love and life

The memory that keeps playing over and over in my head is the one of you and I on the way back from league tournament my Junior year… The one where you and I had a deep deep conversation about love and life and what we wanted to do with life… The conversation where we promised each other that if we still weren’t married by the age of 30 we would call each other up and propose to one another…. Dont worry Jerm if Im still not married by the time I’m 30 I will keep my promise ♥ I love you dude… Rest In Peace ♥ ~~~~Kellie Tully July 14 at 11:12am

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contagious smile

my prayers go to your family… my thoughts to you… You are a great kid with a contagious smile that I hope carries on in your legacy… you will be greatly missed by people of all ages as thats just what you did, touched anyone you met in life. RIP Jerm…. ~~~~~ Andreana Blesser-Clark July 15

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Donation of Sight

From Jeremy’s Parents: George and Cathy, we wanted you all to know that Jeremy’s corneas have been successfully transplanted to restore two people with sight. They reside in Carsbad, CA

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Dead Car Battery / Hug and Smile

In loving memory of Jeremy LaJeunesse –
hey dude. i was just thinking about that time at illusions about a year ago when my car died and you offered to come outside to help me jump it, even though the bouncers were A holes about it and it was freeeezing out. after you were done i said thank you so much, and in the middle of shivering you looked at me, flashed that big beautiful smile, put your arms out and said “hey, give me a hug.” ill never forget that bright smile, your warm hugs, the truly amazing person you were. no one ever will. in our hearts and minds forever ♥ rest easy.
~~~~~~ Anna Lees posting 11/27/2011

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Its the little things to put a smile on your face

Haha wellll the last day I seen jerm was at bisco and I was camping with him and out of all the things we see there was a chipmunk prolly lookn for food but we chased that little guy around haha so now everytime I see a chipmunk I always feel like its him and I end up having a great day. Its the little things to put a smile on your face when your down and out :) ~~~~Mikey Krisp~~~

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Put a smile on your face every morning

Not sure if Jeremy ever heard or read this,
yet he seemed to have lived it.

Put a smile on your face every morning.
Have some love in your heart at all times.
And if you seem to be in a valley,
Then praise the Lord and start to climb.
For a flower never grows on a mountain.
It withers with the cold and it dies.
But a flower forever grows in the valley.
And it always leaves some seeds behind.
~~~Author/source unknown~~~

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Helping a Stranger

  • Jeremy i just thought of you for some reason.. I know we werent close or anything.. But i always got good vibes from you, dude. Member that time we helped some kid get his car door unlocked when he locked his keys in it at the rave? I know you didn’t know that kid either… Youre a great kid.. and i wish we coulda chilled more. i hope you’ll rest in peace, my friend. Youre greatly missed. Be easy~ Tabitha Bowers
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Helping Hand

  • I used to work with Jer at …. I have Chronic Myofasical Pain Syndrome in my legs and feet. One day after Jer stopped working at …. and was working at his new job, I got a flat. I was leaving work and pulled across into the Stewarts noticed I had a flat. I started working on it and had to squat down and then to one knee and the other. Jer showed up and said “looks like ya got some trouble”. Knowing about my condition, he quickly said “here let me get that”. As I stood up(it took a second or two) I looked at him and he was down there crankin lug nuts off like he did it for a living. Smiling and telling me about his new job. He said he worked a lot but was lovin it. He was a really cool guy, and always had his chin up and a smile to share. ~ John J Marsh
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Small Deed Made Big Difference

Jeremy was one of my, if not my best, friend from my 9th grade year til my senior year. Jeremy was 2 years ahead of me. Also, I played baseball with Jeremy and I remember … my mom video tape him pitching before. Thats where part of his importance to me came in, besides being the most joyful and best friend i’ve ever had, he helped me out alot.

Before I could drive, during baseball season, Jeremy volunteered to go out of his way every tuesday and thursday morning to pick me up so i could get to practice on time. It may seem like a small deed, but he did more things for me, gave me more memories and made a bigger difference in my life then I could ever ask for someone. I miss him more than I thought I could ever miss somebody, and my truest condolences still go to you. I thank you for giving him to us, and am forever indebted to him.

If youd like to use my name, I give you permission, and if you decide not to use my story, I still am glad to share with you how special your son was.

Thank you,
Dylan LaBadia.

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Jeremy LaJeunesse – November 7, 1990 to July 11,2011

This site will be dedicated to carry on with Jeremy’s concerns and to assist his friends and friends of friends with useful information and links. Hopefully, this site will reach the group of young people that have been forgotten by society, 16 to 24 year olds, and some info for parents.

 Throughout this site you will read testimonials from friends and family that will show how this world shaped Jeremy into a beautiful, intelligent and caring human being and young adult and how he gave back as a skilled communicator and orginizer,to make the world a better place by helping one person at a time in some small way

Our Intentions for this site:

To help Teens, Young Adults and Parents with the transition from childhood to adult life.

Offer suggestions / guidance as to where to turn in times of trouble.

To help young adults  find their way to becoming a success as healthy, independant and responsible adults

To offer resources / suggestions to all groups

Help parents understand what their kids are dealing with and how they can help with communication

Advocate for better heart health screening for teens and young adults.

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